Hello Hollywood! The Happy Soul Industry goes up in Los Angeles.

October 3, 2008

What? You didn’t think I would advertise?

The Happy Soul Industry is out and, to my relief, getting good reviews. While I have sold a few hundred copies so far, I am eternally grateful for having sold any at all. To those “early adaptors” of my book: God bless you all! As for the rest of you, well, Amazon is selling the paperback for only $10.20, undercutting the publisher’s price by several dollars. Such a deal.

Either way, the second part of this novel’s life begins now. The image above is one of three 14’ X 48’ billboards going up in L.A this month and next. There’s also a digital board in Westwood. The Outdoor Association of America (OAAA) provided me space as barter for work I am doing on their behalf. The poster below is looming over Wabash Avenue in Chicago.

Since my life on Altoids, I know how powerful good outdoor can be. In my opinion, nothing delivers for the money like out-of-home. Whether it can help sell a novel remains to be seen but, in some respects, that’s not even the strategy.

Let me explain.

Writing Happy Soul, I always imagined it as a major motion picture. I even wrote the screenplay. As part of our strategy to reach the Hollywood film community, we are querying production companies, looking for producer advocates. Meantime, we put the billboards in LA. That effort, coupled with articles in the advertising trade press, hopefully leads to a movie deal. And why shouldn’t it? It almost did for my previous book, The Last Generation. At one point Mike Medavoy and Touchstone TV were attached. That deal ultimately fell apart, but not before some very exciting moments and a bit of option money for yours truly.

However, It ain’t about the money. (I’ve always wanted to say that.) Happy Soul is my Great White Whale. I’ve spent years working on this novel. I’m sure as Hell not going to abandon it during its time of need. Besides, I’m a salesman and a copywriter. Of course I’m going to write about it –here and on a billboard. Whatever it takes.

I’m blessed to have relationships and resources that make doing these things easier, same as I’m blessed to have you, Gentle Reader. And for that I am eternally grateful.


7 Responses to “Hello Hollywood! The Happy Soul Industry goes up in Los Angeles.”

  1. Pale Writer said

    Congrats Steffan.

    By the way, was that you on TV at the Cubs game last night? I’m still hoping for a miracle in our great city.

  2. SRP said

    Good eye, Pale Writer. That was me, captured in my misery, on TV coverage of Cub’s 2nd game debacle.

  3. Pale Writer said

    Your misery was shared here in Rogers Park.

    Fingers crossed.

  4. Voice of Reason said

    I liked your book, dude. The rip on Scientology pretty scary. Almost as a rough on Disney! Funny, I never thought of the two as alike but come to think of it…

  5. SRP said

    It might strike some readers as odd, but in my view entities like Disney and Scientology are often more influential (and diabolical) than Christianity. And, yet, Advertising has stronger pull than all of the above!
    Thanks for reading and posting about The Happy Soul Industry.

  6. TwoCent said

    Loved the Happy Soul Industry! Tore through it this weekend. Great read. Good luck with a movie deal.. it seems very well suited for the big screen. Without even knowing that was intended, I was visualizing it as a film the whole while I was reading it.


  7. Kelly said

    Just saw your digital billboard on Lincoln Blvd. Great geo-targeting! Right next to Deutsch and Chiat.

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