My family’s in Disneyworld but I’m in Never Never Land!

September 6, 2008

I told you we should have stayed home and read Happy Soul Industry!

As many of you know my girls are in Disneyworld. That means I’m home alone and that means cheap cigars and zombie movies. Flying solo, one needs to be unhealthy in body and mind. To epitomize this ideal, tonight I opened with a screening of “Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.” What an effen masterpiece. I had no idea. While watching it I ate the next best thing to sliders: Crispy Duck and the General’s Chicken from Wing Ho…or do you say “Ha?” Either way, I feasted on joyously delinquent humor and crispy birds. I don’t get high anymore but I was giddy from the debauchery alone. Too much fun.

Begging your pardon here, but I have to shill for my novel. Hiss, Hiss, I know. But The Happy Soul Industry is finally “in stock” at Amazon! You’d think I was an important writer the way they kept running out. My guess is, lacking confidence in yours truly; Amazon only ordered a few books at a time. In any event, that has been corrected. Books are shipping. So, please, for the love of Gods of Advertising, order yourself a copy. Not only will I sign it but also I’ll read it to your kids at night. Hmm, that sounds pretty creepy. Suffice to say, I will be eternally grateful.

I know Happy Soul is a great concept. Whether my writing is up to it, you decide. Please!

Well, it’s time for my second feature. Will it be the zom-com “Fido” or a second viewing of “Planet Terror?” And maybe a bowl of ice cream. Will it be mint chocolate chip or fudge brownie? Either way, I’m putting Cocoa Puffs on top. What can I say? I’m 16 years old. Tonight anyway.


2 Responses to “My family’s in Disneyworld but I’m in Never Never Land!”

  1. Seka said

    My girlfriend told me your book is worth it so I just ordered a copy. If it’s as good as a twelve pack of Stella, I’m happy.
    PS: Watch “Fido” It rocks.

  2. Voice of Reason said

    I make eggs pizza when I’m alone. I like to add onions and cheese. Then put it in the oven on broil. 2 minutes later, you get an awesome pizza. Well, Steff, I’m halfway thru your novel and I’m surprised how much I like it. Usually, anything with God as a character puts me off. But in Happy Soul it works. Plus, I love the rip on Scientology. About time,

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