The Happy Soul Industry. A modern fable about God and advertising.

August 1, 2008

Gentle Reader, I need to ask you a favor. Sort of a big one, actually. My second novel, The Happy Soul Industry is coming out. Finally. And I would be very honored if you went online and ordered a copy. The paperback is less than 15 bucks on Amazon. I’ll say it again: Very, very honored.

Happy Soul Industry is a modern fable about God and advertising. God looks for an advertising agency in order to market Heaven! As you might imagine, all Hell breaks loose.

At you’ll find the synopsis, early reviews, excerpts and some other surprises. It’s on the blogroll below as is a video, which talks about the book.

Look, I know pimping my own stuff borders on shameless. But if I don’t promote it here, who will and where? I spent several years writing, editing and getting ready for this moment. I’d be crazy not to mention it. Besides, I happen to think the folks who appreciate this blog will appreciate the book. Some of you even helped create it!

Justin Bryan Cox, a former employee, designed the book’s cover and, yes, it’s the same art as on Gods of Advertising. I had creative teams at Euro think about marketing ideas. The OAAA is procuring space in Chicago and L.A. for a billboard campaign –seriously.

Obviously, I’m very excited. And I’d be lying if I said I don’t care if anyone reads this book. I care a lot. And the best chance for an audience is…you. This book means the world to me, as would you reading it. Thanks in advance.

Respectfully, Steffan


8 Responses to “The Happy Soul Industry. A modern fable about God and advertising.”

  1. JackieO said

    Does God use focus groups? Oh, wait a minute. That’s Hell.

  2. Voice of Reason said

    The Gods must be crazy, hiring an ad agency!

  3. SRP said

    But seriously folks…
    It is easy to make jokes about the concept. The inherent wackiness and irony of the concept is what attracted me to it in the first place. Make all the fun you want…and then read the book!

  4. Willie said

    Got your card. Will buy book.

  5. Went to Amazon for it and they’re out of stock. That’s GOT to be a good sign, yes.

  6. SRP said

    It is a good sign…but not if you didn’t order the novel!
    Let Amazon backorder it for you (great price) or go to Inkwater Press, which is easy to click to from
    Thank you so much for getting the book.

  7. Ha. I ordered it. It’ll filter in sometime when back in stock.

  8. Greg said

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive.

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