The “Wreck” of Reality TV. From bane to banal.

July 17, 2008

I’ve stepped in another puddle of reality TV, though certainly not the dirtiest, for it contains no naked ladies, deadly crustaceans or has-been TV stars. According to the ad, a print piece in Entertainment Weekly: “Accidents happen and cleaning up the mess isn’t for the faint of heart.”

It’s called “Wrecked, Life in the Crash lane.”

You’ve got to hand it to Speed TV (whatever that is) for hitting upon the most obvious concept EVER. People DO gawk at automobile accidents. It stands to reason they will gape at “Wrecked.” It’s ghoulishly delicious. Or is it? Because then there’s this impotent come on from the ad’s sub head: “Be on the scene with the crew from O’Hare Towing as they put their lives on the double-yellow line.”

Huh? That’s not any kind of fix for your average voyeur. O’Hare Towing? Talk about an anti-climax. Call me crazy, but watching tow trucks move double-parked grandmothers at O’Hare airport sounds like the total opposite of entertainment. No one crashes at the airport unless it’s on a chair by their gate. And as for human drama, even if someone sassed back at the tow truck driver (horrors!), there are more police per square foot in this location than perhaps anywhere in the world. The row would be over before it started.

Observing a towing company harass people as they wait to pick up their loved ones. It certainly is real. So much so, it may give paint drying a run for its money.


12 Responses to “The “Wreck” of Reality TV. From bane to banal.”

  1. Voice of Reason said

    Maybe I’ll double park at Ohare and try for my 15 minutes of fame.

  2. SRP said

    Catfight at the cab stand, look out!

  3. EvieB said

    Of all the crap getting made in the name of “reality” why pick on some bugger like this? Banal is refreshing compared to the hot tub jumping drug addled freak shows on every other channels

  4. johnathan said

    they rarely go to o’hare airport, its just the name of the towing company that they follow around. actually a good show, i enjoy watching it 🙂

  5. SRP said

    A man who sticks up for what he likes. I like that. To be fair I should catch the show in stride…but I know I won’t. Maybe one day they’ll have my car up on a hook!

  6. Cody said

    As Jonathan said, O’Hare is the family name that owns the towing company, not the name of the airport they work at. Research your subject before you bash it.

  7. SRP said

    Cody, Jonathon-
    I stand corrected. But the ad -my business after all- was highly misleading. Still, I’m rightly called out. I hope the show wins an Emmy.

  8. Matt B said

    The staff at O’Hare Towing have a tough and dangerous job. But all of you in your BMW’s staring at first responders don’t care we are all road cones for all you care. Get your facts straight the Owners are trying to show that towing is very dangerous and show the public that.

  9. SRP said

    I already owned up to my error re Ohare vs O’hara. But “the owners are trying to show towing is dangerous.” Sorry. Don’t buy it. The owners are trying to make a buck, like all the other slime on reality TV.

  10. Matt B said

    Well again you are wrong!!!! Check out some of the things Bill, and Marci have done within some of the Towing Industry’s Associations and see some of the legislation they have pulled for such as the Move Over Law’s, and Death Benifits. They are part of the PTOI, and TRAA and have helped structure some of the rules that OSHA uses to make sure Towers do their job safely.

  11. Barrett B said

    what do you mean towing aint dangerous you have vehicals and semis doing 70 mph with in feet of you i bet that you dont have the balls to do it you would rather just sit behind your computer

  12. SRP said

    Never said towing wasn’t dangerous. But a TV show? Catching crabs. Sawing trees. Cleaning up messes. Towing cars. Where does it end? Reality TV bugs the crap out of me -Not the jobs it portrays.

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