Closer to the bone: Calling out the Z-Grade celebrities of Advertising.

July 15, 2008

Don’t hate me because I’m rich, newly rich, beautiful or simply just ridiculous.

My last post called out pop star, Peter Wentz for being “that guy.” You know, an individual, who for some silly-ass reason bugs the living crap out of me. And presumably countless others.

But why stop at Hollywood celebrities? Hating on them is mainstream entertainment. What about us: the advertising cognoscenti? Read the trade press. The countless ad blogs. I know there are numerous people in our business who, for whatever reasons, drive us crazy. Christ, I’m no doubt one of them. With my clichéd baldhead. My writing about God and advertising. I’d hate me! What about others? How ’bout the threesome pictured above? Just looking at these guys, right?

Is it the fame? The good looks? Or just the shape of their heads?

Who’s your Bette Noir? Who among our ranks drives you bonkers because of their status, reputation or whatever? This is inane…insane. Even the Gods of Advertising are rolling their eyes. But I’m on summer vacation. Let’s have some fun. We can take it, can’t we?


6 Responses to “Closer to the bone: Calling out the Z-Grade celebrities of Advertising.”

  1. Jason Fox said

    What? No takers a day after this is posted? Fine, I’ll be the schmuck to get banned from an agency for life. (Because I’m *this* close to getting on there.)

    Donny Deutsch

    Okay, an obvious pick for many reasons, but we had to start somewhere.

  2. SRP said

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised so few takers on my childish game…maybe we are an industry with a modicum of integrity -Jason and I not withstanding!
    PS: DD is textbook.

  3. Voice of Reason said

    What about members of the trade press?
    Bob Garfield is right up there.

  4. SRP said

    Press are easy targets, especially the critics. “Everybody hates ’em” right? Food for thought next time I go on a rant.

  5. Jason Fox said

    I prefer to believe that we have the integrity to speak our minds without fear of the repercussions.

    Of course, I’ve already ranted about Bob on my own blog. Although I think it was warranted.

  6. PK said

    Who was that guy who said Dentsu made hime go to whorehouses and other sordid shit? Him.

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