Gratitude, Sprituality and Blogging. Is God online as much as we are?

June 27, 2008

I know a writer who uses her blog to journal and to express gratitude for all the blessings in her life…and that’s it! Unlike me, she’s not promoting an upcoming book, her office place, herself. She simply uses the blog to write about what’s happening in her life and to say thank you for another day. A gratitude list! Imagine that. So many of us (certainly me) use this medium to promote one thing or another. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The Gods of Advertising most certainly condone promotion.)

But what about God God? Does the Ultimate Authority view our endless cyber-chatter as egos run wild? Methinks He looks at my friend’s gratitude list with far more reverie than, say, my pithy prose about advertising –no matter how soulful I think it is!

How many souls are out there then, every morning and every night, using the Internet for personal growth, prayer and recovery? We all know about the gossips, the hate-mongers, authors, models, rock stars, and, yes, creative directors…

But the vast majority of “us” are not “them.” For every online Gawker there are countless geeks, regular folks expressing themselves for reasons known only to them…and God.

And even if there is no God, God forbid, I’m sure secular philosophers embrace the idea of ideating, audience or not. Let me explain. My friend’s blog may never receive a single visitor -no clicks, no comments, nothing. In this way it is like a diary, private and locked up. But a blog post is never truly private, is it? There is always the potential for audience. Somewhere somebody can find her. And that’s what makes her blog a prayer as well as meditation. Cyberspace is just more universe and God is most definitely wired. He’s online. He can hear your prayers. And he likely appreciates gratitude lists more than Top Ten lists.


7 Responses to “Gratitude, Sprituality and Blogging. Is God online as much as we are?”

  1. Good article, just to let you know you have had at least one human visitor to this page! (But I didn’t see God anywhere!)

  2. Gforce said

    gotta hand it to you, this is the farthest I’ve seen any ad site go.
    Aree you high..or just that way?

  3. SRP said

    For better or worse, I’m just that way.
    PS: I’ve been off the juice for 5 years.

  4. Willie said

    Good one. Be humble. Work brilliantly.

  5. Voiceofreason said

    I don’t know if God’s online but the Devil sure is. There’s some nasty-ass sites out there.

  6. medelman said

    oh yah God’s out there. He maintains a page called, and every once in awhile puts out a wiki (

  7. SRP said

    good to know angels are in cyberspace; thanks for watching over me

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