Hunting Lions…or new business?

June 20, 2008

From my post on Adweek…

There is business being conducted in Cannes. Even if it is disguised as revelry or covered in suntan oil, there are deals getting done…or undone. Relationships are forged between old clients and new agency contacts and visa versa. Without naming names (sorry), I find myself walking back to my hotel with the CEO of a rival agency. As it turns out, we both are meeting with the same client but at different times during the week. Should have been awkward but yet it wasn’t. Not as much as you’d think, anyway. True, one of us would likely have a better meeting than the other, with different outcomes. Yet, I didn’t feel like much of an adversary and nor, I felt, did he. Maybe it was the bright sunshine and warm temperatures, conspicuously absent since our arrival. Or deeper still, perhaps we both new that shit happens in advertising, that all business is cyclical, and that really there isn’t that much difference between either one of us, our agencies, or anyone here. Another view would suggest that the main competition was up the street in the Palais. By my count his agency was faring better than mine in its hunt for Lions. Only fair then, that we go after some of the game on his land!


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