Valspar. The “V” is for victory.

June 6, 2008

A quiet hurray: Our Valspar campaign was given a bronze Effie last night in New York. A large number of us were there to receive it. As it happens, our category, “new products/campaigns” also had in it the launch work for a little gadget called Wii. Understandably, Wii grabbed gold as well as the Grand Effie. Which meant no gold for us! Oh, well. Next year for sure.

Kudos to Leo Burnett for this well-deserved and, frankly, well-needed prize. Folks have been on LBCO’s case a lot lately. This victory should offer some timely relief.

I wanted to post one of the Valspar commercials but You Tube isn’t letting me imbed either film. (However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people were viewing the spots.)

Our sophomore effort for Valspar is breaking right now. I dare say that work is even better. And just as soon as my traveling companions give me the photographs, I’ll post a shot of our client belting ’em out at the karaoke bar on 38th Street!

Thanks to everyone below for helping to create this fine campaign. Congrats on your Effie.

Chief Creative Officer: Steffan Postaer
Executive Creative Director: Blake Ebel
Interactive Creative Director: Briar Waterman
Creative Director/Art Director: Amanda Butts
Creative Director/Copywriter: Elyse Maguire
Producer: Monica Wilkins
Production Company (TV): Caviar; Directed by Raf Watthion
Visual Effects: Nozon
Music: Elias Music
Audio and Sound Design and Mix: Sound Slave
Art Buyer (Print): Julia Cunningham
Photographer (Haystack Print Ad): Glenn Oakley
Photographer (Coral Print Ad): Ric Frazier
Retouching (Haystack and Coral Print Ads): Saddington & Baynes
Account Director: Scot Havrilla
Media: MPG

Special shout out: Zain Raj


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