Live from Miami, yours truly.

June 4, 2008

Yesterday, the Outdoor Association of America (OAAA) posted on YouTube my acceptance speech at the Obie Awards for receiving Hall of Fame status for Altoids.

The actual event took place about a month ago in Miami and it was a gas. Among other things, I got to share the stage with Miss America. (She was pretty but -no surprise- a bit of a run-on sentence.)

Anyway, against my better judgment, I’m adding the video here. Now you can place my words with a face -a face that talks and makes questionable decisions but at least manages to smile a lot. For whatever reason my opening was cut, the part where I thanked the two other souls most responsible for the Altoids campaign: my ex-partner, Mark Faulkner and the photographer, Tony D’orio.

Otherwise, it’s not the worst job I’ve done on stage. But you be the judge.

PS: The phantom space I keep pointing to off camera was a showcase for the ads. Below is our most famous execution.


One Response to “Live from Miami, yours truly.”

  1. June Dorrio Bixby said

    Hi Tony,

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