The Player, The Mayor and the Terrorist.

June 2, 2008

Sex! Politics! Religion! Celebrities! Time for my sleaziest post ever. I couldn’t help myself. It’s like frosting. I put some bits in about advertising but mostly the following is just cool and creamy frosting. Dig in, folks. Use your fingers. It’s sweeeet.

We start by pushing back the ivy at Northwestern University. Located in the leafy suburb of Evanston, it’s by far the swankest member of the Big 10. Privileged to the extreme, the graduating class are bummed out that Chicago’s Mayor Daley was chosen as their commencement speaker. Certain students felt “Da Mayah” was too provincial, as well as an unfair beneficiary of his father’s legacy. Like nobody at Northwestern ever asked daddy for help. And, given the academics at NWU, it’s a surprisingly ignorant criticism as well. Like him or not, Mayor Daley is probably the most effective mayor in the United States and the most well known mayor in the world. I echo the University’s reply to these outspoken and disappointed grads: “Grow up.”

Next up: Dunkin Donuts, for giving the bear claw to its celebrity chef endorser Rachel Ray just because she wore neck attire deemed reminiscent of terrorists. Where does one begin? First, Why is Ray taking the fall for a wardrobe decision made by client and agency? Second, Does Dunkin Donuts really feel their fan base is so damn red it would stop eating long johns because of some on-line ad? Funny, it took a silly scarf to do something the agency and client should have done a long time ago! Everyone involved in this debacle is a Dunkin’ Munchkin.

Moving on, it seems another minister is making a fool of Barack Obama. First Reverend Wright and now Michael Pfleger. How many wacky priests are in this guy’s life? One is too many. Yet, it’s also too easy to throw this in Obama’s face. Fiery rhetoric about race and entitlement always makes good cannon fodder. But why does anyone care? Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? As for Obama, I wish he’d stop apologizing for these nut jobs. It just makes him look like a tool.  Maybe the candidate should stop going to church altogether. Would that please the court of public opinion?

If someone really wants to slime the Democratic candidate why not just expose the lipstick on his collar? I have it from a reliable source that at a recent Democratic fundraiser in Beverly Hills the feisty Barack retreated with a comely supporter to one of the mansion’s many back rooms for a bit of the in and out. The man telling the tale was there, is a big fan, and continues to give the candidate money. Strange the right wing hasn’t glommed on to the “playah” side of Obama. Of course this election is far from over…

Speaking of sex in the city what up with all the hoopla over this picture? I know I’m a guy and, therefore, wired not to give a shit about movies like this but I must protest the inordinate fuss being given to this romantic comedy. I mean pages and pages of editorial content, in EVERY magazine on earth about a silly trifle. Are four MILFs overspending and bitching that entertaining? Hollywood and Madison Avenue think so. Combined, the publicity given Iron Man and Indiana Jones pale by comparison. Even if the movie turns out to be pretty good –say, along the lines of Bridget Jones Diary- do we really need our newspapers cluttered with columns debating the merit of Carrie’s $400 shoe habit?

Uh-Oh…I’ve dished dirt in a blog. I have become what I despise. A critic. A tabloid. A cog in the pop culture plow. Do you forgive me, gentle reader? Do you give two shits? Do you want some more? Wait until the nonsense starts piling up from Cannes…


5 Responses to “The Player, The Mayor and the Terrorist.”

  1. Schrodinger's Copywriter said

    The Rachel Ray thing blows my mind. I can’t believe a brand would pull an ad based on such blatantly racist opinions.

    Maybe “Sensitive to the opinions of racists” should be Dunkin’s new tagline.

  2. Voice of Reason said

    We all become what we despise from time to time. And coming out sometimes we are better for it.

  3. Al said

    The main reason I won’t take my girlfriend to see Sex And The City – I’ll be throwing up if I had to look at Horse face, I mean Sarah Jessica Parker for more than a minute. She is one really unattractive horse.

  4. David Burn said

    That’s pretty explosive material (sexual inuendo inteded) there, Steffan.

  5. SRP said

    My inner gawker…

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