Ex-Burnett Execs score big in Hollywood. “Truth in Advertising” to air on TNT.

April 2, 2008


A few years ago, one of my best friends, John Coveny left Leo Burnett -not happily I might add- to join one of his best friends, Hunt Baldwin in pursuit of a career as screenwriter in Los Angeles.

By their own admission, they were running on vapors when the proverbial big break came. The writing duo got in on the ground floor helping to pen a rookie drama called “The Closer.” Maybe you’ve heard of it. Kyra Sedgwik. Emmy nominated. Golden Globe winner.

Anyway, after writing a number of episodes for this top drama they aimed their quills at the Advertising business. The result: an hour long drama called “Truth in Advertising.” Featuring a stellar cast, including Eric McCormack from “Will & Grace,” the team produced a pilot last fall.

FYI: Yours Truly provided John with a bunch of props for the pilot, including real ads from real clients. Effen Vodka. O&I Shoes. If you look carefully, they’re scattered about the fictional ad agency as they would be in ours. In addition, “Truth” used a bunch of my old advertising awards to pimp up the main character’s offices. (I knew all those Mobius awards would come in handy some day.)

A while back, I saw a rough-cut of the pilot and thought it was a gas. Yesterday it was green lit and 13 episodes have been ordered for the cable network. Coveny & Baldwin are not only the head writers but producers as well. The link below has more details.

In 2009 “Truth in Advertising” is going to show what it’s like when a creative director (McCormack) battles suits, mortgages a marriage, chases awards and otherwise tries to keep it real while getting ahead in Advertising.

With all the drama surrounding Chicago’s beleaguered advertising community, I wonder if the truth will be stranger than fiction.



3 Responses to “Ex-Burnett Execs score big in Hollywood. “Truth in Advertising” to air on TNT.”

  1. Ann said

    I’m so excited! I’m a big Closer fan. But the title, Truth in Advertising, is already taken: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go_VtqtxCHY

  2. Title taken, yes…but not as a TV show!

  3. Tom said

    Hunt is a complete class act and a great talent.

    I partnered with Hunt at JWT. He has a ridiculous ease in mastery of any complex assignment. A great sense of humor. And a tireless work ethic.

    And did I say he was a complete class act and a great talent?

    Here’s to Truth In Advertising.

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