It’s a wrap!

March 6, 2008

While the gods of advertising showed us all manner of bewitching weather we got it done…and done well. I’ve seen the rushes and the live action is gorgeous. If our director Marc Wilkins is reading this: Nice job! Our actor is perfect. The locations breathtaking. And even the goldfish (they feature prominently in the film) deserve Oscars for their role in occupying a bowl with aplomb. Bravo all!

The critical technical shots were a mixed bag. Even with 40,000 tons of water being dumped we had trouble filling the set. And you should have seen the crew dragging the miniature into the crashing surf. But all told there will soon be a magnificent tidal wave coming to your TV set. The CG work is being done in Paris -tres bien- and we will have to wait for our wave like hungry Americans in a bistro.

The director will be in Chicago next week helping us edit. Very excited for that. I will let him create his masterpiece before ripping it to shreds. Kidding. Having him take first crack can only help us…and me. I told the director he need only garner a Silver Lion at Cannes for this film. So no pressure.

I look forward to coming home (though not to Chicago’s dubious spring) and returning to work. Thank you Monica Wilkins (our producer), Paranoid films, Cabot Stains and the lovely people of South Africa. If not for you this would have been merely a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.



One Response to “It’s a wrap!”

  1. Steffan, finally had time to read your blog today! Many thanks for all your kind words regarding the Cabot production in South Africa.

    While a challenging time it certainly was, with the elements and creativity making for a volatile mix, I am happy that you were pleased with the outcome and I really hope the final product meets your expectations!

    And I have to agree…we do have the best jobs in the world! (although if you asked me at midnight on our last shoot day on set, with wet feet and 18 hours behind me, I may not have been so positive!)

    Best regards from all at Cyclone Films in Cape Town, come back soon!

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