the DECK, the BOWL, and the TABLE

March 2, 2008

Just went to the location. Very gorgeous, though it was shrouded in fog, which is not the look we are looking for. Misty cliffs of Dover vs. Malibu sunshine? We will let the God’s of Advertising decide.

Currently, I’m listening to the producers (Euro and Paranoid) debate whether we finish the commercial in HD, standard def or some permutation. It’s almost impossible to make a winning decision. Neither avenue is completely right or completely wrong. No matter what we decide, somewhere somebody will see the spot on television cropped improperly. The only failsafe is finishing both ways, which costs a ton of money. Very frustrating. The more they explain my options (or lack thereof) the madder I get. And since I am now a “client” my approval is necessary in order to move forward.

Mostly, however, it is good to finally be the “client.” I am fussed over and fretted about. Cute girls bring me Diet Cokes. When I make inane comments about wardrobe (like I know fashion), people actually listen! I feel like the Godfather. A true God of Advertising.

So we are driving to view a TABLE and a selection of GOLDFISH BOWLS, which are key elements in our commercial. The TABLE and DECK and BOWLS have to be exactly right because –duh- we are making an advert for wood stain. Still, it seems silly to be driving en masse to a warehouse in order to spec a table. But that’s the trans-mundane part of production. Everything is scrutinized. If it will be visible in camera then it will be fussed over endlessly –like a client! The French call these crucial items mise-en-scene (sp?) meaning ‘what you put.’ (thank you film school) Much of production involves managing mise en scene. In advertising, God is truly in the details.

I’ve tried to upload a photo of our deck being built. The PDF is in the previous post. But Apple and WordPress are having a spat and the photos are caught in the middle. Do try and I will continue to post as well…


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