The Dark Continent awaits.

February 22, 2008

Over the next few weeks I will be documenting the production of a commercial for Cabot (wood stain). The shoot promises to be exciting, interesting and personal. Yours truly wrote the script. Paranoid is the production company. And the Director is Marc Wilkins. We will be creating a tidal wave (!) so special effects are key, as is the exotic location in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m including a photo of the gnarly-ass fish were considering for the film’s comic twist. When permissible I will attach script and other details.


In blogging, I hope to transcend monotonous travelogue, providing relevant and entertaining content. For better or worse, you will get a sense of what TV production is about. This one anyway. From craft services to Cape Town. The defeats and victories. Weather reports. And when it’s all over you’ll see the final product.

So, South Africa? Seems extravagant. Believe it or not, this is a less costly place to shoot than Hollywood. Labor is cheaper. Our dollar is stronger. And it also has abundant beautiful coastline. But pragmatic reasons aside, I can’t f—— wait!

This is the job of a lifetime. Read the next sentence slowly: I’m going to Africa to make a film featuring a colossal wave. Beats shoveling snow.

Obviously, the commercial must be amazing. And I’m assuming the creation of it will be as well. Join me on the journey?

If nothing else, it certainly gives pause to the so-called death of mass media.


4 Responses to “The Dark Continent awaits.”

  1. wisdumb said

    Hi – your links to the script and photos aren’t working.

  2. BF said

    Can’t wait to see some pics. Have a safe trip.

  3. I’m trying to fix uploading snag.
    Mercy of blog.

  4. SoZa! said

    anyone interested in a affordable private tour of cape town look at

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