Selling oneself online. Say it isn’t so!

February 9, 2008

Two weeks ago someone teed off on my fledgling blog, accusing it & me of being self-serving, that I was pimping my agency and my novels. No doubt I was. Wracked by unease, I’m now in a quandary whether I should continue such vainglorious pursuits.

God forbid I use a blog to talk about myself, right? Maybe millions of other people can do it, but I’m above all that. And –Gasp! I certainly wouldn’t want to use the Internet as marketplace. That would be insane. Websites aren’t for commerce. Nobody uses their computers to buy or sell things. Ebay and Amazon are trends. As for brazenly promoting oneself on line: That’s plain vulgar. Only weirdos watch You Tube.

Come on, people. Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet just for the porn. Consider Facebook. You Tube. My Space. Match Fucking Dot Com. It’s called personal computing for a reason. It’s personal! Someone reads my blog maybe they’ll want to read my book (or not). My point is it’s not exactly a stretch.

The last Integrated Marketing lecture I endured was all about how each and every one of us is a “brand.” We market ourselves to each other. Conversation is the new media. And so on.

So criticize the writing. Have at my arguments. Flog my blog.

But the blog is ostensibly about advertising. And me. Can’t I advertise on the goddam thing?


One Response to “Selling oneself online. Say it isn’t so!”

  1. David Burn said


    Of course you can advertise on your own blog. But the point is to provide value for your audience, or you won’t have one. This is a media channel. It’s content, not advertising.

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