Integration: bleeding the scared cow

January 28, 2008

Hypocritical, blasting Integration on a blog? I know, I know. Rub garlic on the unspoken face of Facebook and the creature screams. Have at it, then, I deserve it. We all deserve it. As supposed brand builders, do we not recklessly put our client’s faith and dollars in viruses and phantom know-it-alls? For every success story are there not countless microsites unattended, empty churches, empty of ideas? My father merely called the Spade card black, leaving him “cold, ignorant and underwhelmed.” Show the card to the casino and the pit bosses are aroused. Who reads the tribute to my father without responding to the controversy? Less of us for sure. Integration without an idea is suicide by virus. At it’s insidious best, blogging is germ warfare. One’s aim need not be true.

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