Un-Effen-Believable: Sudako for the Jet Set!

January 2, 2008



Dark marketing at it’s finest. The Advertising Gods are pensive, as well they should be. Find out why. Open the PDF. Read the dope:

When one thinks of Effen vodka, we smile, maybe even blush, because Effen sounds so… naughty.

The “F” word is in the brands DNA.

We suggest thinking of EFFEN as a five-letter word. Like: CLEAN, SILKY, DUTCH, VODKA.

By calling it a five-letter word instead, we clean up the language without ever forgetting the fun. At every contact point, people discover a new five-letter word —some about taste, some risqué.

Major markets become the property of EFFEN. A billboard reads: MIAMI is a five-letter word. VEGAS, the STRIP…they are all five-letter words. Even the media an ad appears in is part of the message: MAXIM is a five letter word. With Five-letter word, Euro RSCG has created a mind game for 25-year olds, a Sudako for the jet set!

CW: Steffan Postaer AD: Bernardo Gomez

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