“Make the logo, I mean lawn bigger!”

This weekend I bought a house! Hopefully, sold one too. As anyone who’s been there knows this is an exciting but stressful time. Ergo, I do not have a proper post for my blog.

Or do I?

All this buying and selling got me thinking: Personal property is a category that seldom uses copywriters to ply its wares. Of course, we’ve all read copy for real estate. But a copywriter probably didn’t write it. Unless, obviously, the seller happened to be one. Yet, even then, we copywriters defer to our realtors for pimping our properties.

Kind of ironic. I’ve languished over a piece of copy for just about everything consumable yet when it came to my very own house I let the “real estate lady” do it. And I’m betting you did, too.

Why is that?

It’s not like they are very good at it. Clichés abound. Coded phrases are an obnoxious part of the equation: “Cozy” means small. “Rustic” means shitty. And so on.

In some respects the copy hardly matters, especially now. We just want stats and photos…plenty of photos. Still, there’s always a short paragraph or two. And it most definitely is copy.

Ah, well, who am I to quibble? I’m staring at two contracts!


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