You look good enough to eat…

“If you love bacon, make it official.” And sure enough the guy marries a BLT cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. At the wedding, the priest blesses the happy couple and his final line is no less priceless for being obvious: “You may eat the bride.”


Doing a little research I discovered the commercial actually first ran on the Superbowl. How did I miss it? Maybe its silliness got lost in the shuffle. Maybe it ran pre-game, or regionally. Whatever. It’s worth another look.

Bottom line the commercial is funny and it makes sense. Guys love bacon. A TV spot that takes this true love to its obvious conclusion is, well, on strategy. Think about it. For all the advertising that tries to sell bacon as the ultimate accouterment on a hamburger none, as far as I know, did the obvious. Congrats to Jack in the Box for doing so.

Over the years, Jack in the box has made some pretty damn fine commercials, using one of America’s finest, if under the radar, creative agencies: Secret Weapon. While McDonalds and Burger King get all the publicity, JITB might be the better case study, creatively.

When I first started in this business my father gave me a small book, called “Obvious Adams.” His then boss and now a living legend, Keith Reinhardt, had previously signed the copy. It said “All you need to know about advertising.” I gotta find that f**king book! In any event, the story was about a newbie ad executive in New York who had the courage and wisdom to offer an obvious if at first unpopular solution to a package goods company, I forget which one. Anyway, it worked.

Ah, a timeless relic

As goofy and irreverent at Marry Bacon is it is also a textbook example of doing the obvious in the 21st century.


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