My eldest daughter, immersed.

So, my most-benevolent father gave each one of my three daughters an iPad for Christmas. This absolutely trumps what had been the best present ever, the monogrammed “Hoodie Footies” I’d ordered them, which they adore and wear constantly.

However, while the girls may be donning pink pajamas their noses are buried in iPads. Ostensibly, we are visiting my father for the holidays but, in reality, the little ones are visiting the untold worlds now available to them on the Worldwide Web.

I wonder if Steve Jobs really understood what he was conjuring when he imagined his magic tablet: that human beings would be powerless in the shiny face of its preternatural glow. Of course he did. For him, and millions others, the upside clearly outweighs the down.

There’s a nifty line of copy is a recent car commercial, where the announcer says something to the effect of no one ever grew up wishing they could visit a website. That’s true, I suppose, for some. But my girls? I wonder. Maybe they are in fact growing up wishing they could visit a website; it sure looks like it.

Today, we visited the Apple Store in Santa Monica. It was killing it. Crowds three deep. Shiny, happy people buying shiny happy things. By contrast, the Playstation Headquarters two doors down was deader than a graveyard.

Mr. Jobs- if you’re able to check on your iWorld via some heavenly app then you know Apple blew up Christmas. Again. I’m sure my girls would thank you if they weren’t lost in the matrix.


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