Camille & I after dinner, Sea Island, Georgia

Ah, the vacation photo. Like children, we love our own a lot more than those belonging to others. Hey, I’m only kidding! Regardless, the vacation photo is likely the predominant photograph taken by everyone on the planet. My opinion more pixels are devoted to families on holiday than any other subject matter. Before the Internet, before email, before Facebook, there were Aunt Edna’s photo albums and Uncle Charlie’s slide shows. The bane of so many get-togethers, they were Kodak’s bread and butter.

Now, nurtured by ever-smarter phones and slick, simple tools like iPhoto, trip pics have become even more ubiquitous and shared like never before. Though vastly improved (delete, enhance, photo shop), as art they still mostly suck. But despite the cliché’s and hopelessly mundane compositions, vacation photos rule. They are our artifacts, showing who we are, where we are and what we are. Answering the great question: “Are we there yet?” with an even greater reply: “Wish you were here!”

First night of my family vacation to Sea Island…

My youngest girl, Lily in mid-jump off monkey bars!

Camille & Colette striking a pose. Tres chic!

Sisters forever!


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