God bless my new team…

I say a prayer each morning asking God for help and every night thanking Him for providing it. I know it’s not hip for an advertising man to get on his knees but the ritual hasn’t hurt me so far. Matter of fact, during darker times it may have saved my life.

But these aren’t dark times for me… far from it.

And so tonight, like every night, I say thank you: To God, of course, but also to the fabulous people in my life, the new ones and the precious few I have known for a very long time.

Girls, girls, girls!

To my immediate family: Thank you for allowing me my passion for work and writing. Specifically, thank you for blessing my new job in a new city -one that will soon take you away from your friends and much that you hold dear. You have embraced this tall order and made it vastly easier for me to do so as well.

My work family: The good people at gyro (damn that lower case “g”), I want to thank you for embracing me as a senior member of your team. For trusting me and taking direction. For providing direction. For helping me help you. There isn’t a person at 1025 Sansome I don’t have gratitude for.

Being grateful can be fun…

Thirty days ago, we began an outlandish scheme to make a TV commercial for a new client, Turn. It would be their first commercial. And ours. How we got from “What if?” to debuting on the season finale of Mad Men is a miracle. It took big thinking, a courageous client and lots of luck. But mostly it took trust. Trust in each other. And trust in something bigger than all of us. I really believe that.

Yes, the commercial we made bristles with sin. (Frankly, what commercial doesn’t?) But there is a morality to it. Regardless, I don’t believe God is against film, art, or creativity. The God I pray to isn’t the one politicians talk about in speeches. He likes our playful spirit.

I know this post will cause many to roll their eyes. ‘That Steffan, he’s a real piece of work.’ And so I am. But that’s the way God made me. And I thank Him for it every morning and every night.


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