Like, I’m totally pumped! Last week I gave our sitter, Janey an advanced reader copy (or ARC) of my new novel, The Happy Soul Industry. Last night she came over to sit and, over pizza with the girls, told me she loved it. Then she paid it the ultimate compliment, saying the story would make an excellent movie. Yes it would, Janey! Yes it would. If only you were an agent cruising the Internet for source material. What’s your major, Janey? Film studies?

Begging your pardon (and Janey’s), I’m just riffing here. Call it wishful thinking, which is something I’ve been doing a lot lately. Doubtful the New York Times will be reviewing my tome anytime soon. I’m just not that important. Which makes my gratitude for the attention given HSI from Adpulp, American Copywriter, Adhole and Glossyinc so genuine. The half page story Chicago Sun Times columnist, Lewis Lazare wrote August 11th is one for the scrapbook. He’s a tough customer, not one for easy praise, and I thank him. I look forward to his review, albeit nervously.

Back to Janey. Bear in mind, at this writing less than a dozen people have read the novel. And Janey is one of them. Hearing a first hand compliment from her is, honestly, why I write in the first place. There are countless other forms of entertainment geared for young women like her. That she read the book at all is a small miracle. Liking it is a big one. Thank you Janey, for making my day!

If her ringing endorsement isn’t enough to will Happy Soul into your online shopping cart, I’d like to offer some prose, free of charge. Click “new video” on this blog’s tool bar (watch it if you haven’t) and you’ll find a short chapter from the novel excerpted below it. It’s hidden because it’s naughty! The scene is one of agency CEO, Vernon Night engaging in illicit behavior, indicative of his character’s free fall from grace. Poor Vernon. He’s a good man but depravity has taken him over. Given my limited reputation as an author, I hope this racy peek inside the novel turns the trick. Whatever it takes, right?

News Alert: After an unfortunate delay from the printer, my publisher, Inkwater Press informs me the book is now being shipped. If you’ve ordered the book from them, Amazon, or wherever, expect it shortly. If you haven’t, hopefully this latest post prompts you. I look forward to your readership and thank you in advance.


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